September 16 – 18, 2018 | Denver Hilton City Center | Denver, CO

Among the festivities taking place during the award’s dinner on Monday evening will be the announcement of the 2018 NITA Award winners. You can see a list of past award winners below. When the 2018 nominees are in more information about those individuals will be posted here.


The Hon. Robert E. Keeton Award for Outstanding Service as a NITA Faculty Member acknowledges excellence in teaching. This award is named for Robert Keeton, one of the original teachers at the National Session and a longtime contributor to many programs. Judge Keaton authored one of the first texts on trial advocacy and was NITA’s Director from 1973–1976.

Past Hon. Robert E. Keeton Awards Recipients

  • 1989Keith Roberts
  • 1990Jo Ann Harris
  • 1991James Brosnahan
  • 1992Thomas Singer
  • 1993William D. Neighbors
  • 1994Lorna Propes
  • 1995Charles Becton
  • 1996Hon. Jeanne Jourdan
  • 1997Hon. Carol Corrigan
  • 1998Ronald J. Cohen and Dominic J. Gianna
  • 1999Lynne Lasry
  • 2000Sandra Johnson
  • 2001Clifford Haines
  • 2002Warren Wolfson
  • 2003Roberta Pichini
  • 2004JoAnne Epps
  • 2005William Hunt
  • 2006Nancy Harris Vaidik
  • 2007Robert VanderLaan
  • 2008Hon. Mark Drummond
  • 2009Henry Brown
  • 2010Michael Roake
  • 2011Doris Cheng
  • 2012James Gailey
  • 2013Ben Rubinowitz and Elizabeth Sher
  • 2014Christina M. Habas


The Hon. Prentice H. Marshall Faculty Award is for Development of Innovative Teaching Methods or Programs. It recognizes a person who has developed and instituted new ideas in the NITA’s methods for teaching trial skills, or has created new courses. It is named for the late Prentice Marshall, one of the original teachers at the National Session and a fixture on the NITA faculty. Judge Marshall pioneered efforts to support pro bono advocacy and teaching at major law firms and the judiciary. He was one of the developers of NITA’s four-part teaching methodology.

Past Hon. Prentice H. Marshall Faculty Award Recipients

  • 1995Maude Pervere
  • 1996Frank Rothschild
  • 1997Edward Stein
  • 1998Paul Zwier
  • 1999Steven Lubet
  • 2000Brian Johnson
  • 2001Jean M Cary
  • 2002Mark McCurdy
  • 2003John Sharpnack
  • 2004Fred Moss
  • 2005John Baker
  • 2006Robert A. Stein and Ben B. Rubinowitz
  • 2007John Sonsteng
  • 2008Mary Ryan and Brian Leroy
  • 2009Mark Caldwell
  • 2010Sandra Johnson
  • 2011Wendy Velez
  • 2012Barbara Barron
  • 2013James McCrystal
  • 2014Dominic Gianna, & Donald H. Green


The Robert E. Oliphant award is for Outstanding Service to NITA in all areas, including program directorship, public service, writing, and support. It honors Professor Robert Oliphant, NITA’s first administrator, who has taught at the University of Minnesota and William Mitchell law schools for over 35 years. Recipients of this award demonstrate dedication to NITA’s mission through instruction, program administration as Program Director or as a Team Leader, or writing.

Past Robert E. Oliphant Award Recipients

  • 1991Robert F. Hanley
  • 1992Jim R. Carrigan
  • 1993Louis M. Natali
  • 1994Thomas Geraghty
  • 1995David M. Malone
  • 1996Donald H. Beskind
  • 1997David Diamond and Lawrence Kessler
  • 1998Laurence M. Rose
  • 1999Peter T. Hoffman
  • 2000Mark S. Caldwell
  • 2001Margaret H. Hartman
  • 2002Anthony Bocchino
  • 2003Urban Lester
  • 2004Adrienne Fox
  • 2005James Carey
  • 2006Terre L. Rushton
  • 2007Marcia Levy
  • 2008Fredrick Moss
  • 2009Michael Dale
  • 2010Michael Kelly
  • 2011Allen Snyder
  • 2012John Baker
  • 2013Daniel Toomey
  • 2014Matthew W. Williams