September 16 – 18, 2018 | Denver Hilton City Center | Denver, CO

Day 1 Thought Leadership

Specifically the lack of opportunity to develop trial skills because of the decline in trials. For NITA, this issue is not just about the future of trial training: it is also about career advancement and experience for young lawyers and access to justice and effective representation for all.

Time Event Details Speaker
8:30am – 12:00pm Registration
12:45pm Welcome
1:00pm Plenary The Future of the Trial Lawyer Training David Stern
2:00pm – 3:30pm Breakouts Small Group Discussion 1: Problems facing today’s trial lawyers
3:30pm – 3:45pm Break
3:45pm – 5:00pm Breakouts Small group discussion 2: What’s next for today’s trial lawyers?
5:00pm – 5:30pm Closing
5:30pm – 7:30pm Welcome Reception/Networking

Day 2 Skills

All about NITA skills, practical learning immediately applicable to your practice, and the kind of learning that advances careers and increases confidence. The sessions on day two are designed to introduce first-time NITA attendees to NITA methodology and subjects, as well as to reinforce skills learned at prior NITA programs.

Time Event Details Speaker
7:30am – 8:30am Breakfast/Networking
8:30am – 9:00am Welcome
9:00am – 10:15am Plenary NITA Skills Live James Brosnahan
10:15am – 10:30am Break
10:30am – 12:00pm Workshop A Opening & Closing Kenzo Kawanabe
Workshop B Interrupting Implicit Bias at Home, at the Office and in the Courtroom Karen Steinhauser, Karen Hester
Workshop C Technology in the Courtroom Henry Brown
12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch/Networking
1:30pm – 2:45pm Workshop A Jury Selection Tina Habas
Workshop B Selling Your Position Carol Sowers
Workshop C Direct Examination Ben Rubinowitz
2:45pm – 3:00pm Break
3:00pm – 4:30pm Workshop A Cross Examination Hon. Ann Williams
Workshop B Questioning/Interviewing Techniques: An Introduction Perry Russell-Hunter and Barbara Barron
Workshop C Snap FaceChat-a-Gram: How the heck do I show this to a jury? Dan Deasy
5:30pm – 6:30pm Cocktail Reception
6:30pm Awards Dinner

Day 3 Volunteerism

Volunteerism, access to justice, and the need for having trained, effective representation. Public service and pro bono representation are just one of the many potential ways for lawyers to both serve those most in need and gain the experience required to grow in their careers. We are pleased to have James Sandman, President of Legal Services Corporation (LSC), speaking to us about LSC’s work and the impact of effective trained advocates on the lives of their clients.

Time Event Details Speaker
8:00am – 9:00am Breakfast/Networking
9:00am – 9:15am Welcome
9:15am – 10:15am Plenary Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison – and You Jim Sandman
10:15am – 10:30am Break
10:30am – 11:30am Workshop A Your Justice Is Only As Good As Your Lawyer Angela Vigil
Workshop B International Margo Brodie
11:30am – 12:00pm Closing